Transportation & Roads

Infrastructure spending is an economic engine for our state: promoting the efficient transportation of goods, allowing Hoosiers and visitors to travel our state for work and pleasure, as well as creating construction jobs when the state adequately invests in new construction and repairs existing roadways. Two years ago, we passed a massive bill to raise taxes to build roads. We are still waiting to see the outcomes of our policy.

In the meantime, we have seen examples of private-public partnerships gone awry.

Now, the Governor has entered into a new negotiated agreement with the Operator of the NWI tollway to dramatically raise tolls on certain categories of trucks, beyond the increase increments originally in the contract. They hope to raise over one billion dollars. In addition to talking about whether that should be done, there is another problem. The Governor has already outlined where he wants to spend the money. However, the state budget and the policy discussions through which we determine our spending priorities, are the business of the legislature. We cannot have the Governor simply deciding how Indiana is going to spend this money.