Workforce & Labor

The last decade has produced an attack on working families and organized labor.

Under the Republican leadership of Governors Daniels and Pence, the legislature passed Right-to-Work legislation, repealed the common construction wage, diminished collective bargaining rights for teachers, and made it illegal for government to bargain with public service workers.

We defeated “religious preference” hiring proposals, and helped stop the privatization of annuity pension programs.

However, new issues continue to surface. The Holcomb administration just passed new privatization efforts involving our state universities. Purdue University, under the leadership of former Governor Daniels, is entering into an unprecedented public-private partnership agreement that will allow a private company to design, build, and manage university dormitories at the outrageous price of $10 million dollars a year - for a period of 65 years! This debt will be saddled on our children in the form of university housing costs. You may expect that the private entities building these units will not be subject to public works building and procurement agreements.

I have continued to propose legislation that will help our workforce, whose average wages still fall below the national average. I have offered legislation to:

  • Create a Voluntary Family Medical Leave program for wage replacement;

  • Increase minimum wage;

  • Protect hourly employees by having protections for scheduling ;

I will continue to fight for working men and women.