Power plant emissions are a public health issue for the State of Indiana and we should continue to push forward for cleaner options. Indiana's power plants generated the fourth-most industrial toxic air pollution and the third-most mercury air pollution in 2010. 

We Need Solutions, Not Fear Mongering

Americans are familiar with nay-saying, and when it comes to our environment, we heard tons when we passed the original Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act more than 40 years ago, “the sky is falling and it’s going to be too costly, and be devastating to business and manufacturing.”  

Those predictions never came to pass. Instead, the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act may be two of the most productive, socially beneficial and job producing pieces of legislation in the 20th Century. They have saved our nation from smog-covered cities and water too polluted for use. Almost two thirds of the nation’s power plants already installed pollution controlling technology by the end of 2012.

Recently, NIPSCO announced its intention to retire its coal-fired plants in Indiana.

News of the reality of climate change continues to dominate the headlines. We cannot ignore this reality.